Dr. Eric Oakley
Periodontal Therapy - Dental Implants
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I had Dental implants placed about 10 years ago. It was the BEST experience I could have had! I needed bone graphs before the actual process could even start. So having multiple surgeries can be scary!But him and his staff were OITSTANDING the entire process! I have 2 dental implants right up front and people can't tell at all. Dr. Oakley gave me the confidence I never had from never having the adult teeth come in. It was an experience that truely changed my life for the better


I took my mother there today and I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I've had. Not only did they do a fantastic and professional job, they were very kind. I had a lot of concerns since my mother is handicap due to brain cancer but all worries where washed away as soon as the staff stepped up to help without question. They were very kind about the whole situation. Dr.chun was the doctor who helped us and he was very thorough with everything. The dental assistant Jessica went out of her way to make my mom feel comfortable. They cried with us (literally) while going over my moms recent diagnosis of brain cancer, they laughed with us,they were encouraging and they truly felt everything with their entire hearts. They took good care of my mom, no issues at all. Dr.chun was very honest about the situation with my mother's implant, he didn't lie or manipulate, he was upfront about it but he still wanted to do his very best and he was able to get it resolved. Jessica stayed with my mom and I to not only do her job (which she did fantastically) she also did it because she could see my mom was afraid. Not once did she leave her side. She comforted and talked with her. She was professional but caring which is the perfect mix. She made sure my mom was comfortable at all times, offer pillows for her etc. It went from me being a nervous wreck (its not easy getting my handicap mom out and about,let alone a dentist appointment) from instantly feeling relieved. I highly recommend dr.chun and I would absolutely suggest requesting Jessica and I promise you, you won't regret it. Best personalities, great work,and most importantly, they truly and honestly care about the patients.


I have been seeing Dr. Oakley since he took over Dr. Cole's practice at least 10 years ago. He has performed numerous dental procedures for me including extractions with bone implants and grafts for endangered teeth. All of these procedures have been perfect with no complications and achieving excellent results. I have profound trust in his judgement, skill and ethical standards.

One true and reliable tribute to his professionalism is that his staff has been with him for years--some since he took over for Dr. Cole.


I had a cyst growing on my gum line. It started overgrowing my tooth, making me very self-conscious, since it was right up front for everyone to see. Dr. Oakley and staff were helpful in removing the cyst and restoring my gum line to a smooth, normal appearing smile. He also grafted a few receding gums as well. I pride myself on my smile. I'm thankful that Dr. Oakley prides himself on his work, because he does a fantastic job! Thank you for giving me my smile back, especially when we are about to be mask-free!


Both my kids have had periodontal surgery with Dr. Oakley where they had a skin graft taken from their palate and attached to the gums. Dr. Oakley did a precision job and the nurses are caring. One kid did it with just local anesthetic and the other was mildly sedated. They both say they would recommend Dr. Oakley.

Gwyn B.

Very professional! Easy to talk to. Clean environment! Addressed all my needs and found an anomaly that Sacramento Surgical Arts did not address. He is very through and takes the time to make sure you are comfortable. The staff is friendly and on top of insurance issues. Unlike Sacramento Surgical Arts, Dr Oakley insurance person waits until done with the examination whereas Sacramento Surgical Arts interrupts while still being examined and wants you to commit right then and there. Dr Oakleys office is well organized from beginning to end. Melinda T was AWESOME! She is Dr Oakleys assistant made me feel very comfortable and was caring to the fact I have a small mouth and adjusted X-Rays accordingly. I highly recommend Dr Oakley!


I was so scared to go in for my unexpected dental surgery. Dr Chun and Jessica his assistant along with the entire front office staff were top notch and made my experience so much easier. I have further procedures coming up and have the utmost confidence that they will take care of me 100%. This is definitely the place you want to go. They are the best. Dr Chun even called me a few hours after my surgery to check up on me 100+ stars in my book!

Michelle C.

I've been coming to Dr. Oakley's office for a few years now and continue to drive from Sacramento to see Dr. Oakley and his staff. Tammy and all the ladies in Dr. Oakley's front desk staff are always patient in answering my questions and will take their time to call me back to ensure I've received all the information I need.

I'm always fearful of procedures, but Dr. Oakley and his staff are extremely comforting. Dr. Oakley explains what he will be doing each step of the way and provides words of encouragement throughout the process. His assistants are always sweet enough to hold my hand or pat me gently on the shoulder during the procedure to really help me feel as if someone is there for me the whole time.

I've had a few gum grafts performed by Dr. Oakley and without fail, on the evenings of my procedures, Dr. Oakley takes time out of his evening to call and check in on me.

Dr. Oakley and his staff go above and beyond for their patients and I appreciate the care I consistently receive from them. I couldn't recommend Dr. Oakley and staff more!

Sarah M.

This dentist has exceptional skills and knowledge. He was able to fix a major problem which my regular dentist was unable to address.


No one wants to have to see a periodontist, but if the need arises this is the only place to go. The staff are caring, warm, and professional. They really help ease the nervousness. Dr. Oakley took great care of both my husband and I.

Geri P.

My one year old son had a pretty good fall and injured his mouth and gums on a Friday afternoon just before 5 o clock. I couldn't get a hold of anyone willing to help me out. I didn't expect anyone to answer and after a couple answering machines I got a hold of Dr. Oakley's receptionist at about 5:15 pm. Dr. Oakley called me back quickly, calmed me down a bit and helped me figure out the best course of action to help my son. He isn't a pediatric dentist but helped me out anyway, great person. I couldn't be more grateful for his courtesy and generosity by helping someone who isn't even a patient. If I could give 10 stars I would! Thanks Dr. Oakley.

Cody Miller